Hyperrhiz Journal: “Blanket Forts and other Assemblages” Special Edition, Creation Lab for Possible Submissions to the Special Edition

Stauffer Communication Arts B (STAUF-B) – B 135, Media Lab

Saturday 28th, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Daniel Lichtman (Stockton University)

This workshop will introduce an open call for a special issue of the Hyperrhiz Journal of New Media Cultures entitled "Blanket Forts and other Assemblages." Submissions for this issue will be in the form of interactive 3D collages created using the Community Game Development Toolkit (CGDT). The toolkit is a highly accessible system for collage-based world-building oriented towards artists, students, researchers, and other practitioners who don't have previous experience in game design. “Blanket Forts and Other Assemblages” takes inspiration from the idea of the houseboat, campsite, terrarium, diorama and other varieties of constructed environments, either real or imagined, that facilitate new modalities of intimacy and collectivity. Using the CGDT, contributions will create small navigable 3D spaces consisting of photos, drawings, and 3D scans to create interactive environments that register a patchwork of audio-visual traces of contributors’ belongings, bodies, physical surroundings and material environments. This workshop will briefly demonstrate how to make a project using the Community Game Development Toolkit and answer any questions about the open call. Full text of open call here: https://tinyurl.com/blanket-forts
Note: the posted deadline of 10/12/2023 will be extended for SLSA participants who would like to submit.