Aliens are among us. They’re welcomed, subjugated, theorized, fetishized, and abhorred; they’re of this world and out of this world, in time and out of time, human and inhuman, with and without reference. And they’re also deeply embedded within the critical and speculative discourses of 21st century art, design, science, and theoretical humanities: from systems of political, economic, and legal alienation to alien forms of computational rationality, and the onslaught of xeno- architectures, feminisms, and materialisms, aliens are clearly among us. For these reasons, the alien landscape of the Sonoran Desert will play host to 2023 annual conference for the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. We invite papers, panels, workshops, roundtables, and creative work that engages with the theme of Alien, broadly defined. We also welcome proposals addressing topics on other SLSArelated themes. 

Possible Topics:

Immigration, citizenship, bordering/critical border studies, border-crossing,
hybridity, (re)(de)territoriality, territory/neighborhood/urban/Cultural borderlands

Environmentalism, native/alien species/invasive/indigenous and overcoming the dichotomy, microbes, biodiversity

Astrobiology, weird life

Alien landscapes, geographies

Alien encounters

Alienation, immigration, race and nationality; race, culture, identity

Alienation and economy

Alienation and education

Alienation and belonging

Alien intelligence, animal intelligence (plant intelligence)

Alien reasoning, AI, computational rationality

Xeno-feminism, architecture, art, design, materialism

Disciplines that are ‘alien’ to one another

Monstrous other, feminism, racism, queer, abject, 

Science fiction, alien encounters, mythmaking

Violence exclusion and the making of alien bodies

Theoretical outsides

Artistic outsides exo-planet

Reshape the relation between the in/human, extra/terrestrial, familiar/alien

Strangers to/in/of/… this world

All submissions are due by May 12, 2023.

- Stand-alone papers: please submit title, 250-word abstracts, and bio

- Panels and streams: please provide a 250-word panel/stream description
   along with titles, individual abstracts, and bios

- Roundtables and workshops: please provide a 250-word abstract along
   with names and bios of participants