Harry Wood Gallery

Art Building

Strangers to/in/of/… this world

“Strangers to/in/of/… this world” is an exhibition in conjunction with the 2023 SLSA Conference, hosted at ASU. In relation to the conference theme of Alien, we are looking at the themes of extra/terrestrial and in/human encompassing conversations with and around the human body, landscape, and belonging, along with everything else in the great unknown. Work in the exhibition attempts to complicate, mess up, blur, poke holes in, the binary that creates a climate where the idea of Alien can exist. The work in this exhibition engages materials that range from video to ceramic, and content that explores an array of more-than-human intelligences (biologic, geologic, or algorithmic).

Rebecca Najdowski, Ambient Pressure, series ongoing

Stauffer Gallery

Stauffer B 116A

not alien | after all

What if we search for the stardust of which we all—animal, vegetal, mineral—are made? This multimedia, transdisciplinary exhibition showcases the works of SLSA members who engage notions of the alien via trans-species worlds and beings, including animals, rocks, and plants. The exhibition opens an array of channels to non-human stories and attends to the many complex relations among the human and the non-human—neither of which are alien, after all.

Contributors: Pierre Jardin (Paul Harris); alejandro t. acierto, Jennifer Clary-Lemon, Marcel O’Gorman; Jillian McDonald.

Stauffer B Multi-Site

Stauffer B 101; Lobby; B 123


What spaces does the alien inhabit? Which senses and ways of knowing can we use to access those spaces? This multi-site exhibition explores varying states and expressions of consciousness, embodiment, and perception through interactive AI, digital animation, and ambisonic sound.

Contributors: Dennis Summers; Ania Malinowska, Przemysław Jasielski; Garth Paine, Celia Yang.

Design North

Red Square

Weird Dreams, Weird Analysis

We’ve been having weird dreams. We became plants, and our viscera swallowed our legs before pushing them out our torsos and we walked across the sky. We sprouted wings and reunited with a family we didn’t know we had. We were buried up to our necks in a beach until we taught the grains of sand to move.

Weird Dreams, Weird Analysis is a new transdisciplinary arts and humanities collaborative project gathering creative practitioners in the arts, theory, and technology from different continents and professional contexts to speculate on the political potentials of the Weird as an aesthetic category and new modes of weird (psycho-schizo)analysis

Curator: Garrett Laroy Johnson

Contributors: Nimrod Astarhan, Dakota Gearhart, Beatriz Herrera, Garrett Laroy Johnson, Audrey Robinovitz, Susanne Schmitt, Jessica Tucker.

Neeb Hall

Neeb Hall

Beyond Paper 

(2022 | Running time 2 h 11 min.)

Oana Suteu Khintirian

Presented by the National Film Board of Canada